Alcohol adventures (August): The delicious bevvies I’m digging this month

It’s so hot right now. Tea and most other hot drinks are out of the window and I’ve been guzzling the peach squash and pepsi like a mad woman (I do drink water too, promise). This heat has also got me thinking more about those delicious grown-up sunshine drinks – aka anything with alcohol in.

What with it being pretty warm and all, my usual go-tos like red wine and whisky just aren’t cutting it. Instead, I’ve been lapping up plenty of pale ales, sour beers and a few delicitable gins and tequilas.

For anyone looking out for something new to try, or for anyone remotely interested in what crap I’ve been putting into my body, I present to you my favourites of the month.

Lyme Bay Grapefruit Gin (£37 for 70cl) Fantastically tart and grapefruity, one of my all time faves

If you love sharp, citrusy spirits, I simply cannot recommend this gin enough. I’ve previously tried (and loved) Lyme Bay’s winter gin, and it’s clear these guys know what they are doing. So needless to say, I had high hopes for this grapefruit offering too. I’ve been trying a lot of flavoured gins recently but this one really stood out to me. It’s definitely not the cheapest but it’s so, so worth the cost in my opinion. It’s quite pleasant on its own but when paired with tonic it becomes the most beautiful GG&T (a grapefruit gin and tonic). It’s tart, citrusy, sweet and sour all in one. Stuff your glass with ice and it’s an incredibly refreshing drink that’s perfect for this heat.

Hammerton Crunch (£3.50 for 330ml)– A surprisingly light peanut butter milk stout

I appreciate that a milk stout might not seem like the most summery of drinks but this is very manageable and not too overbearing. Crunch is nutty on the nose but not so much in the drinking. It’s smooth, sweet, milky and a little popcorny too. It’s dangerously drinkable, especially ice cold, and it’s not super thick. I personally prefer that though, especially in this heat. If you’re still yearning for something dank and delicious in the heat, this is top-notch.

Siren Lumina (£2 for 330ml) – A summery session IPA that packs some punch

Siren’s newest drop is a goodun if you’re looking for a classic session IPA to drink in the heat. Lumina is subtly fruity, tropical ale with hints of mango. It’s very light in colour, with a clean, sharp finish and it’s subtle flavour makes it very quaffable. There aren’t any overbearing flavours here, but I think that’s what makes it so nice. It’s just a lovely, everyday IPA – a crowd pleaser for sure.

VIVIR Tequila Añejo (£40 for 70cl) – An incredibly rich and complex sipping tequila

If you’re yet to jump on the quality tequila train, now’s the perfect time to get involved. This sweet, fruity tipple is aged in bourbon casks for around 18 months to produce a beautifully complex and super-smooth tequila. It’s slightly spicy with a sweet fruit and herb finish. I’ve tried quite a few tequilas in the past, but none have been quite as good as this. If you don’t believe me, the flawless five-star reviews online might change your mind. Enjoy it simply over ice or make the best margaritas of your life with it – you decide.

Keepr’s Low alcohol G&T (£33 for a case of 12) – Refreshing, full of botanicals and almost alcohol free

Okay, so this one isn’t technically a boozy bev but it is a wonderfully refreshing low-alcohol (<0.5%) drink that’s so good in this heat. If you’ve given up the booze or just want to take it easy, I’d highly recommend giving this a go. Unlike some low alcohol G&T drinks, which taste like nothing more than sweetened tonic, Keepr’s has done an excellent job at creating a botanical-rich drink that offers all the excitement of a classic gin and tonic, minus the hangover.

Check back next month for another round-up of boozy recommendations and in the meantime, why not peruse my recipes for an indulgent hot-weather dinner?

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